Friends of Fulham Opera

Fulham Opera – “Big Opera on a small scale – check out our Wagner!”

WE at Fulham Opera aim to deliver productions deemed as too big and complicated. We do this by cleverly reducing them to fit our small stage and making them accessible so that even opera newbies can experience the delights of  Wagner and Puccini, to name but a few.

WE work with young talented performers who are looking for a vehicle to launch their careers, try new roles out or simply get more experience on stage. Our performers are all professional, we don’t have a chorus and work on very limited budgets, but deliver a warm, professional, attractive, scintillating audience experience.

Small scale opera is becoming more and  more attractive to audiences, due to accessibility, audience experience and, of course, price. In order to do this the continued support of out friends and patrons is of vital importance and continued appreciation.

As a Fulham Opera Friend you can expect:

  • Fulham Opera Newsletter
  • Invitations to rehearsals and general dress rehearsal
  • Meet the cast
  • Meet the director and production team
  • Sit in some of the planning, auditions and production related meetings

We are also planning various events such as smaller recitals, pre-performance talks and work experience opportunities should you have a member of your family who would like to try out the professional theatre environment.